“How Long Are You Going To Wait Before You Demand The Best For Yourself?”

Epictetus (50 - 135 AD)

April 2021by Graeme Dinnen, Master Practitioner NLP (1997)

Can you think of and list 5 impressive things about yourself?

Don’t even think of listing that you’re an honest, nice person or you make great pasta dishes.

They don't count.

OK if you’re stuck, you really need to read on.

We humans are creatures of habit.

We often resist change because when offered a new opportunity, our focus is not on what we have to gain, but what we have to give up.....all because we've become attached to the things we do and the way in which we do them.

It’s also the reason people cling to the wrong job when they know inside them they aren't full of ideas and enthusiasm at the beginning of every day.

They stick it out, kidding themselves that things will get better soon.

This causes INERTIA....and INERTIA almost always leads to INACTION.

Somehow we prefer to fear what we know rather than fear what we don’t know.

And fear of loss rather than the pleasure of gain is one of the biggest drivers we face.

I’ll wager you can think of several instances in the past where inaction has caused you regret.

It may have been something as simple as not giving a girl (or boy) that teenage kiss or not speaking up at a meeting to say something important…but now it’s too late.

The sad thing is that inaction can be one of the costliest aspects of your life…..yet it’s merely a choice.

And guess what? It ultimately affects your life and the life of your family.

You don’t need special skills to overcome it....just a decision to start right away with a determination to defeat any and all obstacles in your path.

The personal development industry today is still in its infancy but it will become monstrous.

Even now we can’t touch the sides of the potential it offers.

I’m writing here about an incredibly exciting approach to coaching.

Keep reading with an open mind , especially if you're not sure about the growing application of coaching - this is not a time for you to get in your own way.

Perhaps what you’re doing right now isn't right for you, but you should be looking at what lies beyond that lights you up and in turn, lights up the world.

If that's the case let go of what doesn't serve you, because it won't serve you in 5 or 10 years time either.

If you're already thinking “This isn’t right for me”, rethink your priorities because the trajectory of your life might be about to change forever in an empowering and unmissable way.

One of my favourite film scenes was in ‘Braveheart’.

Not the sword fights, pitched battles, treachery or the romantic scenes; instead I’m referring to the remarkable advice a young William Wallace was given by his father.

Listen to it here (1:16)

Let's take a different perspective: If you struggle with neck, shoulder or back pain you go to see a physio, a chiropractor or have pain-killing injections.

These practitioners focus is on your areas of pain according to their training which relieves your pain, albeit temporarily.

Then someone else discovers you have one leg shorter than the other.

This affects the way you walk; THIS is the  root cause  of your pain.

A heel insert is fitted into a shoe and the pain disappears, this time permanently.

Your problem would never have been fixed without the heel insert, the contribution of someone who could see the bigger picture.

Many of the coaching options being promoted today are like the physio, chiropractor or doctor – they're good at what they know, yet they lack the experience to see that bigger picture.

Be wary of what they offer because what you want to become is like the person who discovered that one leg was shorter than the other.

I’m increasingly aware that successful internet marketers with big reputations are offering coaching courses.

While it’s encouraging news, you need to tread carefully here.

It's like becoming a member of a golf course designed by a celebrity golfer.

Deep down you know it wasn’t the celebrity who designed the course. He or she is merely lending their well-known name to the project so the club can charge more for membership.

I’ve looked at some of these coaching trainings and it’s clear that the trainers are not only barking up the wrong tree, they’re in the wrong forest!

Mediocre training well packaged can sound like wisdom.

Many of their coaching strategies use an overwhelming number of techniques and models to help clients break free of their problems.

You’ll learn them and probably never use them.

I certainly haven't.

Have you ever put to good use the algebra, calculus or geometry you learned at school?


The lesson here? You need to be careful you don’t go down costly, inefficient dead ends that waste your time and leave you out-of-pocket.

What some trainings teach is a bit like a revolving door; the client is ‘fixed’ and a few months later comes back with a completely different problem.

Successful coaching is NOT about the products and services you offer and the many techniques you’ve learned; it’s about the results you give your clients.

Once they grasp this concept, what you charge is no longer a barrier.


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Even if you don’t want to take things further what you learn from the workshop will make a significant difference to your personal progress.

Doing nothing in fear of making a mistake is the greatest mistake you'll ever make. You’ll end up grieving for the loss of the person you  could  have become.

Draw up your own Declaration of Independence; give yourself permission to live again.

I want to be clear that today I’m here to help you.

I’m not selling you anything. I’m merely inviting you to get clarity on your future.

Whatever job you do and whatever level you do it at, you need to listen to Alec Baldwin’s famous speech in Glengarry Glen Ross.

Even if you’ve heard it before.

Pause and listen here (5:51)

Baldwin addresses a room full of real estate salesmen and rips into them, telling them that they're about to be fired unless they ‘close' the sales they've been assigned.

What he says is rude, brutal and borderline sociopathic yet it’s what the business world expects as it only cares about what it can get from you.

How you deal with his message defines you.

Does this encourage you? Does it upset you? Are you thinking “what now”? Will you moan about it or are you going to fix it?

In the real world, it's considered 'wrong' to talk that way, so it's become easier to simply let people keep failing.

If you’re at all unhappy in what you’re doing, instead of wondering what job you can move to next or what connections you have in such-and-such an industry, start making yourself into the type of person that people want to be around.

In the Online Workshop spread over 5 days, you’ll see how we’ve unravelled the blueprint of building quality relationships that are both rewarding and lasting.

Only after you’ve listened to the many ways in which we can get you up and running can you make a more informed career-changing decision.

This will be the  milestone that marks a positive change of direction in your life.

With the gifts you have, every day you don’t make the change there’s a cost to humanity.

"If you don't have a good model for success, just look at what everybody else is doing and do the opposite" - Earl Nightingale.

The world of coaching is changing; this is how you stay ahead

People have repeatedly likened us to the equivalent of a sought-after sports coach, as opposed to a local gym instructor.

We specialise in working with people who want to attract more clients in their particular field of expertise.

We know the right strategies, frameworks and structures that forge powerful connections and attract high-paying clients.

This is why many already-qualified coaches have come to us for that crucial kick-start when their coaching career hasn’t yet taken off…..because they weren’t even taught how to step outside their comfort zone or ask the right questions.

How would you respond if someone asked “Want some coaching sessions?

People don't want a coach... 

They want the  RESULT  a coach can provide them.

Which means you want to get good at powerfully describing the results of your coaching if you want to be successful in getting clients.

And getting good at this can  change your life.

Here's one way to describe what you offer using the ability to cope with stress as the specific result...

"I will dramatically increase your ability to handle stress so that you can go after your dreams without fears holding you back".


"I will dramatically increase your ability to handle stress so that you can live a more calm and peaceful life no matter what is happening in your outside world".

Stop for a second and think of the hundreds of millions of people around the world who'd LOVE those results.?

Increasing their ability  to handle stress in life so they can go after their dreams...

Or the ability to handle stress in life so they can feel at peace...

Which is why getting coaching clients doesn't need to be complicated when you take the right approach.

Another example would be “I help new mums (your target) to handle the stress of parenting (what they want) so they can feel calm with their newborn child (result)”.

Can you see why new mums hearing that would want the result but are not excited if you just offer them 'coaching'?

The more generic your message, the less powerful it will be.

Now if you want a shortcut to getting clients and becoming a successful coach fast... register for our Free Coaching Event (see below).

Never lose sight of the fact that independent thinking is the rarest substance in the world.

"Ultimate coach program completed. Here I am now 10 months later. In the last 7 days I did a modest $20k in sales. Stick with it!""


Your Next Step

If you had one last opportunity to create something in the world, what would you create and who would you create it for?

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A student once asked me to define wealth. I suggested that measured wealth is your assets minus your liabilities.

But real wealth is very different.....it’s what you do with the time you have between right now and the last day of your life.

Make it a helluva story!